Work Abroad After University Degree


One of the saddest aspects of the lame mainstream media is its inability to convey any authentic detail of black American life in anything more than stereotypical fashion.



The result is that anything that doesn’t appear ordinary gets interpreted as ‘white’. Right now I’m thinking about movies.



There’s nobody in my family that doesn’t love The Princess Bride or Woody Allen movies, and none of us like Tyler Perry. Just a simple example.

When I paid a lot more attention to this subject I looked at class, particularly class differences within black America. I came up with five categories. {Sticks/Projects, Ghetto, Hood, Burbs, Hill}. If you ask black academics, they will talk a lot about which specifically means how poor blacks live in both very poor and very racially segregated places



Such people have very particular difficulties in that advice that works for the average American does not work for them. However some of this is made confusing by the actions of many black folks across the spectrum to make the classic liberal stand in solidarity with their plight.




For example, Spike Lee will make movies about the displaced from Katrina, and the gangs of Chicago, and sell these movies to people who are from neither place.




Wealthy music producers will seek out hyper  segregated kids who want to rap, mostly gangsta rap about being rich and dangerous and sell those records to youth across the country who are neither rich or dangerous. This is actually a worldwide phenomenon. So there is that fraction of ‘authentic black culture’ that appears to be more widespread than it actually is.




The big subject of racism makes for interesting conversation. What you almost never hear, when successful black people encounter racism is how much it affects them. There are individuals who may have been detained by police officers and cuffed on the curb, and for them it is the most humiliating experience ever, but they walk away and return to their professions.




And yet there are black families who deal with the reality of visiting brothers, sons and husbands in prison. That’s worlds apart, but it’s called the same racism. And clearly in recent years it has been popular to assert that ‘unarmed black males’ are endangered by gun happy police.



If black lives matter, why concentrate on700 dead instead of 233,000 that serve in the US armed forces? What about the year old black Americans who are enrolled in post-secondary education.
When is the last time you saw a movie including black college students are there.





Of course the point of people bringing up race is to highlight inequalities for the political purpose of making them all appear to be injustices, but it blinds people to the greater reality.





The greater reality is that black Americans themselves are highly diverse and unequal themselves. What destroys one strengthens another. Inequality is not equal to injustice. And what is actual injustice against a few black Americans does not dim the prospects for the many.





But with racial inequality being the focus of so many people, it ultimately distorts the truth.




The truth is that black Americans live everywhere and do everything and it is stupid to compare what they do to anything other than what they want to do. In other words, if I improve my self and my life, then it is only proper to compare me now with me before, not what some English king did or what some ghetto drug addict

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