And they search for excuses for their pathetic life.




if you get those people and offer them a nice house and a nice car they will understand that luxury and money is a need not a caprice. In fact, this is our difference between animals. Animals don’t need luxury. The nature gave them exactly what they need.

But we humans don’t have fur to protect us from the cold in the winter or hoofs to protect our feet from sharp rocks. We had to build everything. And we built and improved everything around us so we can live a better life.

And since the ancient civilizations in Egypt, Babylon, India and China money were used and were needed for trade. So more money = more power of trade.


If you  want to buy one car with $1,000 but you can also buy a car with $10,000 or even $100,000 ! And each one gives you something different, something better, something safer!

So is actually a dumb thing not to choose luxury and money in life. Because RIGHT NOW in 2019 this is what makes this world spinning. Without money we are “dead”. You can’t buy food without money, no home, no car, no … NOTHING

And I am not saying ohh right, we ALL need huge mansions with 140 rooms and 20 bathrooms and 3 Bugatti  in the garage”.




But in my opinion I think that EVERY FAMILY deserves the “luxury” of a 4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms, one car from AT LEAST 2007 properly maintained and an income of at least $5,000 monthly. In my opinion this would be “luxury” for me. This would be more than enough for any family to live a happy life with enough money to pay bills and food and fuel for the car.




What I have now? I pay bank rates for the next 30 years for a 3 bedroom one bathroom apartment, I have no car and no driving license (money issues) and I have a job which gives me about $400 My wife gets about $700 monthly. And we have a daughter of one year 6 months. Is this “luxury” ?


No is not! I am struggling to survive and to pay bills and survive until the next paycheck. I have no chance of paying the driving school or to make at least $100 profit for whatever things I wish to buy for example new TV or take my wife to a dinner in the city


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