What are some ways to live luxuriously

To know  some ways to live luxuriously


There Are many ways to live luxuriously and it really comes down to your context of what luxury is (aka how you personally define the word luxury). For some people buying the expensive bottle of wine or treating themselves to a designer piece of clothing is a way to incorporate more luxury into their life.



Create an home environment of luxury.

Surround yourself with beautiful luxurious pieces in your home.
Really make your home feel gorgeous and prestigious. Living in a luxurious space will make you feel awesome and encourage you to build and seek luxury in your life.
Look at designer magazines to get ideas Spend time with people who enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.



Connect with friends and mentors that live luxuriously.
An easy way to do this is by joining charities or attending luxury events from time to time.
Surrounding yourself with these types of people will bring luxury into your life right away. It will also encourage you to grow and be able to afford this lifestyle yourself.
Work in luxury industries.




I used to be a successful event planner. This line of work threw me directly into the world of high end. I began as a high end waitress and bartender and worked my way up to an event operations manager. I think went to work as an event planner and account manager for a luxury event planning company. This threw me into the world of the exquisite. What was brilliant about this is it had me expand my thinking. I realized I could have money and luxury myself. And that it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was.





Become an entrepreneur.


The only way to live luxuriously on your own dime is to run your own business or businesses. Running our own company is the only way you’ll ever truly be rich and own your time. If you don’t work for yourself you should develop yourself as an entrepreneur. The best way to start the process – even if you don’t know what kind of business you’d like to run – is learning digital marketing. When you learn how to build web sites and sell online you can then learn how to sell anything. My passion is a brand I’ve build.




But, I also run and have built a digital marketing agency, a gourmet food product business, a depression resources business and I’ve build a site to promote my new book. Learning digital marketing is the fastest and best way to be an entrepreneur who can work from anywhere in the world.

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