Do you know the fastest depreciating car in the world?

sort ten of the cars that depreciate the most five years after they are purchased new from the dealership.

For The statistic is made according to the car market in the USA which is the biggest in the world.


The statistics first:

The average automobiles in the US lose more than 50% of their value only in the first five years of exploitation.

Even more interesting is the fact that luxury cars despite that their initial price is much higher, they lose even more than 70% of their value for the same period of time.10. Chevrolet Impala

Europeans must be happy because this car is no longer available on the continent.



For  Impala loses 77.2% of its value during the first five years of usage.

The main reason for that is that the users don’t like the new design and the sales of the new models seem to be even worse than the older models.

Furthermore, this vehicle is often used for car rental which leads to excessive offering five years after production.



9. Jaguar XJL :  This is the longer version of the biggest sedan from the British manufacturer. A beautiful car and very pleasant to drive but like most of the other luxury brands, it loses a lot of its initial value only the first five years.

To be more specific

Usually, luxury cars lose a lot of their value during the first 3 to 5 years because most of them are bought through leasing and the moment the leasing is over, most of them are flooding the markets.


8. Mercedes E – Class with a huge drop in the initial price – 67.2%, this is not the worst contender in its category.

These numbers may even increase if we add the high maintenance costs. Furthermore, the decreasing popularity of the diesel engines also helps the falling aftermarket prices.



7. BMW 5-Series

With slightly more – 67.3% is the depreciation of the 5-Series which is also the main opponent of the sedan mentioned above.

And this is kind of logical because every year Mercedes and BMW are fighting for the same buyers in the US.

As mentioned above, most of these cars are bought with leasing and at the end of it, the offering is huge.




6. BMW 6-Series

The depreciation of this model is 68.3%. The 6-Series is finding it difficult to position itself in the market in the US because it is something between a sedan and a coupe.

It also seems that this luxury car is not among the favorite of second-hand car buyers and that also puts the price down after the first five years.

The high initial price also helps the 6-Series to be sixth in the list.



One of the few American models which are in the list.

The depreciation is impressive – 69.4% which is interesting to me having in mind the fact that this type of vehicle – electric is gaining attention now.

And believe it or not, this is not the only electric car in the following list.



4. Mercedes Benz S-Class

The depreciation of this model is close to 70%, to be more precise 69.9%.

A contender with all the technology and luxury inside is really a pain for its owners with such a high number off the initial price.

Here again, this is not the only limousine we’ll see in the list.



3. BMW 7-Series

The main opponent of Mercedes is losing again and this time in their luxurious category.

The depreciation of the 7-Series is crossing the psychological boundary of 70% to reach 71.1%.

Only two models are left with higher depreciation and you’ll be surprised to see which they are.


2. Chevrolet Volt

This model made a real revolution in the world of cars at the time it was presented to the public.

But it seems the competition was faster in making more beautiful and functional all-electric cars with one exception which you’ll see below!

The loss of value for the Volt in the first year.



1. Nissan Leaf

The first place is taken by another all-electric vehicle which loses the impressive 71.7% during the first 5 years.

When it was first presented back in the years it was a good solution for the people driving short distances with an average range of 70 miles.



Presenting the latest model, along with similar models in the category offering a much higher range leads to a huge drop in price during the first five years of usage.



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