I want to know, Are Ivy League colleges really worth the stress?

this is a good question. So much that I had to write an answer myself.


if you need real talk, and I know some people are not gonna like this answer, but it depends.

are you trying to get into something grandiosely big stage like politics, then I will say yes as image is everything. However, for the average person, or even above average person, I would say no. This is coming from someone who not only went to an Ivy League school UPen but  also went to arguably the top school in the world in some rankings (MIT). I thought both would add betterment to my life and yet I have met plenty of people who are either just as or better than me who have gone to state schools.





Was it easier for me to get interviews? Yes. Does your name rise to the top if you are in certain fields such as academia? Absolutely. I will argue they are just like any other college, but that would be a lie. There is a level of perceived prestige that comes with having an Ivy League degree.

However, does it also mean that you’re going to automatically be/do better than all of your non-Ivy peers? Absolutely not!! I have met some people who are brilliant and went to Ivy League schools. I have made some idiots who have also went to Ivy League schools.

To sum it up: no, I do not believe that Ivy League degree is not worth the ADDED stress.



When I say ADDED stress, I mean if you’re able to go to a less reputable school and have a healthier, financial aid package…TAKE IT! Trust me when I tell you, they’re going to an IVY school just for the sake of it is not worth stressing yourself out trying to get in and taking on unreasonable debt.



Especially when, again, you can just go to a cheaper yet respected non-IVY private or flagship state college/university.

I’m sure other people may feel different, but that’s my experience/take. Hope it will helpful!

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