Do you like to Know Mercedes-Benz maintained its reputation as a top luxury car brand for decades?


To owned a lot of so-called “luxury cars” over the years. I’ve owned three Mercedes, and I now have a Mercedes  Interstate Sprinter van.

Before I bought my S350, I lined up three of my top choices that morning, it was a BMW 8-Series, a Lexus LS, and the 550. I was less than 30 minutes from each dealer and without a doubt, the S550 topped them all. It wasn’t even a close race. What made the MB stand out was that it was technologically far ahead of the other brands on that day.





There was a brief time when Lexus was ahead of both brands, but now they have fallen far behind where their focus is materials and durability versus cutting edge technology. Meanwhile BMW and Mercedes run about neck and neck. I was a former LS owner.

Mercedes has the reputation it does because it is leading technologically. There are tiny differences in prices between those three and I completely ignore Audi in the mix. Audi does nothing for me, so it’s never in the running.

Lexus could someday leapfrog the others, but I doubt it.




At this point, both Mercedes and BMW are leading the race. I’d put Tesla in a whole different class. While I like the cars, the interiors are so  that they do nothing for me at all. I was given one for the weekend and it was the same price as an S750 and it did nothing for me. It felt ho-hum, while I loved driving the S550.

I’m currently driving an X75 and I can’t express enough good thoughts about that car. The attention to detail is what impressed me most, and by comparison, Mercedes felt antiquated in the SUV space.

Where these brands fall down is in long term reliability.







They earned a reputation for costly repairs and that’s hurting them far more than they realize. But, when it comes to tech, they are way ahead of the game.




One thing I forgot to add. When I bought the Sprinter a year ago, I called tech support to set up the latest software in the van even though it was new. I was talking to someone in Germany for over an hour as we went through the customization of a lots of settings and software updates, and remote data procedures. It was hands down the best tech support call I’ve ever had in my life. It was methodical, educational, the guy was wonderful in all respects and it cemented my relationship with Mercedes. I will always give them top consideration. Bravo to Mercedes!

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