Which Luxurious lifestyle is the best

the lifestyle that Mery had before she married into the Royal Family?

Whenever she was in the cable tv show Suits, which was the height of her professional career and earnings.




the interior was nice and for many luxurious because this they can afford

Then there is the Royal Family and how Harry was raised. It surprises a lot of people but if you visit UK stately homes and the private residences they are actually not that luxurious. The Royals tend to live well but it isn’t it the type of Trump Tower fittings. The flats and houses the boys had are good but not great. They are very expensive as you can be sitting on furniture that predates the USA.




when you are talking about Royal Luxury; remember this is a cottage:

If you are wondering how this huge “house” is a cottage you have to zoom out this isn’t Windsor Castle, this is just Frogmore Estate.






On beautiful private grounds, but most importantly it didn’t have a pool, tennis court (although a few minutes walk away. So Meghan brought over an American designer and pimped out the pad.

The money they are to pay back, represent the additional costs, over the already set up renovations and necessary upgrades.

Now, this is where it becomes very very murky whether the couple can actually afford to live this lifestyle.






This is costing the couple $300,000 a year, give or take on the exchange rate. Then the travel costs of the couple were just extraordinary – it was higher than any other royal (as released by the Royal Household). With the private jets, penthouse suites, lodges the couple was unable to afford this.

So what they did, like all responsible people, was to double down and of course get someone else to pay the bill.

Courtesy of the Canadian people to the tune of over $30 million, representing exceptional value. The boost in tourism, Trudeau’s increased profile, once their work was done and Canada stopped paying, the couple left Canada and were quite upset they were not thanked for their stay.

They of course then moved, during a pandemic, into Tyler Perry’s former residence (before he left California to avoid the income taxes) which was available for rent for $150,000 per month. As per the lawsuit filed in LA against unnamed, the Sussex couple were tenants and not guests.

This is where the Sussex couple “income” and outgoings took a massive hit. In Canada the Canadian people paid for security and accommodation and in LA the British people paid for security and accommodation until the Met complained and the Home Secretary removed all funding.

So the Duchy of Cornwell which was already paying for the couple to the tune of $11 million for the year of transition agreed to pay another $17 million for the year.

So the couple bought this house:

Hopefully the couple will find happiness in this property.






However, the spending has increased, rather than settled. This is of course, the couple who criticised his brother for being a snob, the one who on occasion, flies with his family on budget airlines

They preach to the world on being green (despite the size of their Mansion) so to travel just 120 miles for the baby 2 baby photo op they don’t take a car for two hours but rent a private jet. Quite amazing spending.

So let’s be clear, the Sussex couple did not have the income to pay for their previous luxurious lifestyle themselves and are not even close to this current lifestyle, remember it is during a lockdown.

Just the basics for their current lifestyle:

$68,000 property $410,000 insurance (including kidnapping)




Then you have Sunshine Sachs, Management, additional PR, Legal

Limo Service, Private Jets, Hotels etc

Clothing, Jewellery, entertainment, gifts for friends and family.

So they have outgoings over $10 million per year and nowhere near enough income.

So, to answer your question directly – yes of course the Sussex couple can, as these two are the ultimate practitioners of the Law of Attraction.

For three years, they have never paid their way and each year they have increased their outgoings and someone else has always picked up the tab.




Why should it change this year,

What Is The Law Of Attraction? And How To Use It Effectively

Through positivity we can all achieve like this couple and have someone else pick up the bills.

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