Luxury lifestyle


Living a luxury is being able to have options. This concept is simple, yet many people don’t experience it to the same level.

Let’s divide it into 5 simple things that we all have in common no matter our social class : health, family, education, transportation and accommodation.



Whatever your social class is you encounter these 5 things. But not the same way.

1. Health : The luxury of being able to pay any bill for any pain or illness. You can even prevent that by having all types of doctors, going to wellness centers, having a personal trainer, life coach, etc Oh, and if you need to fly to Switzerland because you are tired of your life and wants to end it you can pay for that too.


2. Family : Your uncle is asking for help because he can’t pay his rent? No problem send him a check. Your daughter wants to start a company and she needs help? No problem, just do a transfer. You can basically protect your family and provide opportunities for them without even thinking twice about it.


3. Education : Being able to go to any school in any country to do any degree without have to think about the price too long is a real luxury.

Especially for people whose kids may have special needs or are incredibly advanced.




3. Transportation : Going on holidays is easier when you can pick between a train, boat, plane, private jet, helicopter or even submarine.



This allows you to go to places that some people will never see in their lifetime.
Accommodation : While the majority will have to take mortgages to buy their primary accommodation, the freedom of choice allows you to pick a home and be  sure to close a deal due to the fact that you have the funds to do so.

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