Can you work abroad after pursuing an LLB from India?


Yes you can, it’s not easy but it’s not that complicated either.


First and foremost, if you want to practice in the UK you can either register yourself as a foreign lawyer from the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) and advise the firm on India-related matters or you take the GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) and then the LPC (Legal Practitioners Course) and after that, you do a training contract and you’re a qualified solicitor eligible to practice as a solicitor in UK and Wales,

now getting a training contract is no piece of cake it’s highly competitive but thankfully the SRA has decided to scrap the GDL and  LPC for good and introduce the SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Exam) for graduates to become qualified solicitors, now under this system you would need to pass a two-part exam between which you would do a 2-year pre-qualified work experience, sounds like a training contract eh? Well no! Because the SQE allows you to qualify under multiple routes like working in legal aid clinics, paralegals, and lastly training contracts, the method is much more diversified under this.





Once a Qualified solicitor you will easily get a job in a decent law firm and if you’re cv is stellar with good experience and you have an LLM from a good uni your chances for even Magic Circle is high. But this is only advisable for people who have connections in the UK to stay and complete the entirety of this procedure otherwise you would just have to register as an RFL (Registered foreign lawyer) and work in firms. Coming to the USA you generally need to get you’re JD (law thankfully is a postgraduate degree only in the USA) and then pass the State Bar to gain a practicing license, if you do your JD from a good university they will get you placed in good law firms.






P. S – another way to get into Magic Circle law firms in the UK is to apply directly for vacation schemes on their websites wherein they make you take some tests and if your CV is also good enough they call you to their office in London for an internship, if they are impressed by your performance in that they offer you a training contract before you even graduate! Same way if you graduate as a qualified solicitor then you can apply for graduate recruitment in such magic circle firms)

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