I have a 3.6 GPA in my academic studies and a 7.5 band score in the IELTS. How likely am I to get a good scholarship in Canada and Australia?

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For Canada, I’d say the probability is slim to none.

First of all 3.6 is not that great a GPA to warrant a “merit” based scholarship and secondly your IELTS score is irrelevant. Language skills are expected.

The problem you are facing is that there are over 2.100.000 students, including 600.000 international “fighting” for about 4000 or 5000 scholarships. The majority of them are not open to internationals. Even fewer of them are available for undergrad programs.

Canada is a great place to study. I started mine 30 years ago. Having said that…. If you CANNOT afford it on your own funding model or with support from home your chances to succeed are rather slim.

I hope to get into schools in Canada or Australia. How do I get a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree after reading health administration for my undergraduate degree?

Irrespective of what you’ve studied during your undergraduate studies, to find a scholarship and receive one you’ll have to build your application accordingly, contact the department, and inquire about the same. It will take some effort to get all of this done, but it’s not that difficult as well.

Try to find information about the universities you’re interested in and see their past statistics with respect to awarding scholarships (it might not be directly stated but should be in another form) and choose such a University where you’ve higher chances of securing financial assistance. Also, many times some countries offer scholarships to students belonging to specific countries so check this as well.

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