Which countries are good for giving scholarships to international students?

Many students dream of studying abroad. The infrastructural facilities and nature of education in foreign countries are of high quality. However, the high tuition fees and cost of living are out of reach for many students. Scholarships are the only suitable means that students can use to take advantage of such chances. As scholarship opportunities arise every year, there are notable countries that seek to support international students and offer them great platforms to pursue their studies.

Have you ever dreamed of studying abroad? Below is a list of countries you can consider to pursue your higher education:

  1. Japan

Did you know the Japanese government has been offering scholarships for international students since 1954? Statistics show that to date, more than 92,000 students have been given scholarships to study for free in Japan. If you are looking for an opportunity to study abroad, this is one country to consider. The Japanese government offers a wide variety of scholarships for international students in Japan, ranging from vocational training to undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Aside from government-sponsored scholarships, there are other top programs you can apply for to offset your tuition fees and living expenses. This includes private and institution-specific scholarships like the Future-Ready Merit and the Hideki Yukawa Global Skills scholarships offered by GIIS Tokyo, Japan.

  1. United Kingdom

There is a myriad of scholarships run by the UK government, which target international students. One of the most prestigious programs is the Chevening Scholarships, offered to outstanding individuals with excellent credentials and strong leadership skills. It targets postgraduate students and covers tuition fees and living expenses. Other programs that international students can benefit from include the Rhodes Scholarship, the Clarendon scholarships, and the Gates Cambridge scholarships.

  1. Austria

Austrian universities charge low fees for education. International students are only charged a nominal fee during the admission process. The country offers many advanced subjects for its degree programs, which is beneficial to students. The low cost of living and favorable study environment makes Austria a perfect place for students from foreign countries to pursue their education. Top universities that offer education for international students include the University of Innsbruck and the University of Vienna.

  1. Germany

This is one country where international students can access education for free. Almost every public university in Germany does not charge tuition fees. Students may only be required to pay the administration fees. This is relatively less compared to what they can charge you in your own country. Since they offer their courses in English, it is easier for international students to pursue their studies in this country. One of the most admired programmes is the DAAD Scholarships offered to different types of international students.

  1. Australia

Australia is one country that seeks to support international students who wish to help their countries. If the government grants you a scholarship, you are supposed to return to your home country and contribute to developmental initiatives for at least two years. For instance, the Australian government offers Australian Awards Scholarships to international students who seek full-time studies for their undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The value awarded covers the entire tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, and return air ticket costs.

So you do not have to wait any longer. Send your application right now and get a chance to pursue your education in the best countries abroad. If you want to study overseas, there are many scholarship opportunities offered by these countries that you can take advantage of and make your dream come true.

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