How much is the minimum GPA for an international student to get a full-ride scholarship in a medical school in Canada?

There are almost no full scholarships for Canadians for medical school. None at all for international students. In fact, we have less than 20 spots a year for international medical students

This is because we do not have enough feet for all the qualified Canadians.

Do you need grades of like 99% or higher to be competitive? As well you need those grades in a bachelor’s degree with a self of elective courses called Pre-Med and an outstanding score in the MCAT exam.

You cannot enter medical school directly from high school in the USA or Canada.

The USA has more spots in medical schools than Canada has. But also no scholarships.

Unless your family is quite wealthy in your home country, you are not going to a US or Canadian medical school.
that would depend on what you plan to study as a Phd student. If it is a STEM research based thesis it is possible. You would need to contact potential supervisors to see if they are looking for students.

However, research is often grant funded, only about 10% of grants are funded. You would still need to be a stand-out student. Keep in mind that student stipends are quite low so keep that in mind when applying. It may be more prestigious to do a PhD at U of Toronto or UBC but you would have high living costs.

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