Scholarships in Canada

Scholarships in Canada

Securing scholarships to study abroad is an issue that most students want to know more about. Prospective applicants for studying abroad, especially in Canada, are looking for answers to numerous questions, some of them being ‘Where should I look for securing scholarships?’, or ‘Are there any organizations in India that offer grants to study abroad?’. Let us look at the frequently asked questions.

Under what conditions could I avail of the scholarships if I want to study in Canada?

A. There are two types of Scholarships

1) Granted on the basis of merit 2) Granted on the basis of requirement of funds.

You can opt for any of the two as per requirement.

Can you tell me some more information about the two types?

1) The Scholarship granted on the basis of merit would have criteria of application such as the student should have secured grades above a certain number, and exemplary academic/ professional performance, to name a few.

2) The Scholarship granted on the basis of the requirement of funds would expect the applicants to submit documents such as tax and wage statements of self/ parents/ guardians.

You might be required to submit an Essay of Purpose for your Scholarship Application, or you might be interviewed by the concerned organization or both.

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What organizations in India can I contact if I want to apply for a Scholarship to study abroad?

A. There are numerous institutions in India that offer scholarships for studying abroad. The most prominent among those are:

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